Adam Ruzicka Speaks Out For The First Time Since Contract Termination

Published February 26, 2024 at 1:06 PM

Former Arizona Coyotes forward Adam Ruzicka made headlines this month after posting a troubling video on his Instagram account. The video appeared to show him using Illegal substances.

In response, the Coyotes swiftly terminated Ruzicka's contract, and the veteran forward cleared waivers after being placed on unconditional waivers for contract termination.

Now, Ruzicka finds himself out of the National Hockey League, facing the challenge of finding a new team or deciding his next career move.

Despite the setback, Ruzicka deserves credit for taking ownership of his mistake. Following the controversy, he deleted his social media accounts but later returned to issue a public apology and express gratitude for the support he received.

In his statement, Ruzicka acknowledged his error in judgment and vowed to learn from it, saying,
"I made a big mistake and I will learn from it. I love you all and will be forever grateful. Adam."


As Ruzicka navigates this difficult period, I hope he can find a path forward and use this experience as an opportunity for growth and reflection.

Source: Hockeyfeed
February 26   |   77 answers
Adam Ruzicka Speaks Out For The First Time Since Contract Termination

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