Boston Bruins Captain Has Officially Been Demoted By The NHL

Published February 5, 2024 at 8:26

For several seasons, Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins has been widely regarded as the most disliked figure in the National Hockey League (NHL). His on-ice antics and questionable behavior have firmly established this reputation.

However, recent developments suggest that Marchand's era of notoriety might be coming to a close.

A recent player poll featured in The Athletic asked,
"Who's the player in the league whose face you most want to punch?"
Marchand, securing second place with 14.97% of the 147 total votes, falls short of reclaiming his infamous title.

To the surprise of many, Florida Panthers forward Nick Cousins now holds the unenviable title of the most disliked player in the NHL, securing a significant 28.57% of the total votes.

Cousins' rise to the top spot may not shock those familiar with his recent controversial plays, as highlighted by former NHL player Kevin Bieksa during a broadcast intermission.

The poll results indicate a noteworthy shift in the league's sentiments, marking the potential end of Marchand's reign as the NHL's most polarizing figure.

For those curious about the overall rankings, here's how the Top 5 breaks down:

1. Nick Cousins (28.57%)
2. Brad Marchand (14.97%)
3. Matthew Tkachuk (7.48%)
4. Michael Bunting (4.08%)
5. Conor Garland (4.08%)

Source: Bruinsinsider
February 5   |   188 answers
Boston Bruins Captain Has Officially Been Demoted By The NHL

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