Sam Bennett punching Brad Marchand
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New angle of Bennett's sucker punch on Marchand confirms everything

Published May 12, 2024 at 9:47 PM

The Boston Bruins are geared up for Game 4 against the Florida Panthers without key player Brad Marchand, now trailing the series 3-1. Marchand was sidelined tonight following what was initially called an "accidental" sucker punch from the Panthers' Sam Bennett.

Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand is out for Game 4 after getting sucker punched by Sam Bennett of the Florida Panthers in Game 3. What is the NHL doing about this? Nothing? But they care about safety?


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However, after reviewing new footage, it's becoming clear that the hit might not have been as accidental as first thought. Despite the apparent intent behind Bennett's action, he has not faced any disciplinary measures from the NHL.

This angle tells a whole different story 😬 #NHLBruins #TimeToHunt

With the league's window for action now closed, all eyes will be on how the Bruins respond on the ice. Marchand's teammates are now in the spotlight, faced with the challenge of rallying in the absence of their captain. How they step up could define the rest of the series.
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New angle of Bennett's sucker punch on Marchand confirms everything

With the new footage of the incident would you consider this to be an accident or intentional?

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