Blackhawks Player Penalized For Illegal Check To The Head Of Jets Goalie

Published February 24, 2024 at 3:29

Tonight's NHL lineup might have featured just three games, but the action on the ice proved that even on a quiet night, sparks can fly, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the sport.

One of the matchups, between the Winnipeg Jets and Chicago Blackhawks, brought an unexpected moment of tension. Despite their shared conference and typically uneventful encounters, tonight's game veered off-script when Blackhawks' Taylor Raddysh collided with Jets' goalie Connor Hellebuyck.

In the incident, Raddysh received a two-minute penalty for what was deemed an illegal check to Hellebuyck's head. Given the nature of the hit, the penalty might seem lenient to some observers.

Taylor Raddysh gets a 2 minute penalty for an illegal check to the head of Connor Hellebuyck

This moment certainly caught the attention of the Jets.Hits to the head, particularly those targeting a goaltender, are exactly what the NHL has been trying to eliminate. Yet, incidents like this raise questions about the consistency and severity of penalties enforced.

The reaction from the NHL's Department of Player Safety in the aftermath will be closely watched to see if further action is taken against Raddysh for the hit.

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Blackhawks Player Penalized For Illegal Check To The Head Of Jets Goalie

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