Red Wings Head Coach Calls Out Tim Stützle For Diving Once Again

Published February 1, 2024 at 9:30

In a familiar tale, accusations of Tim Stützle from the Ottawa Senators taking a dive to secure a penalty have surfaced again.

During the recent clash between the Sens and Detroit Red Wings, Christian Fischer of Detroit received a two-minute minor penalty for tripping Stützle. Red Wings coach Derek Lalonde, after reviewing the play, expressed his frustration vehemently.

Lalonde was visibly upset, arguing with officials that Stützle had taken a dive and should be penalized for embellishment. His frustration was evident, and at one point, he didn't hold back, expressing his discontent with an expletive.

The debate about whether Stützle's actions deserved the penalty or not is subjective. Stützle has developed a reputation for diving and embellishing to draw penalties. If Lalonde's frustration holds merit, it might have been a successful tactic this time.

Although Ottawa couldn't capitalize on the subsequent powerplay, they eventually secured a 3-2 victory over Detroit.
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Red Wings Head Coach Calls Out Tim Stützle For Diving Once Again

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