Corey Perry Drops The Gloves And Goes Toe-To-Toe With Bruins Defenceman

Published February 22, 2024 at 11:51

Last night's matchup between the Edmonton Oilers and the Boston Bruins was nothing short of thrilling, showcasing some of the best hockey action this season. In a pivotal moment during the second period, with the Oilers trailing by two goals, veteran Corey Perry decided to shake things up by engaging in a heated altercation with Bruins defenseman Parker Wotherspoon.

Although the bout resembled more of a wrestling match, the 38-year-old Perry managed to land some solid punches to Wotherspoon's face, gaining the upper hand before Wotherspoon retaliated with his own flurry of blows. The scuffle culminated in Perry forcefully shoving Wotherspoon into the boards, prompting the referees to intervene and separate the players.

Following Perry's spirited fight, the Oilers rallied with renewed energy, mounting an impressive comeback from a 4-1 deficit. Despite tying the game late, their efforts fell short when Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy scored a spectacular overtime goal.

Nevertheless, Perry's contributions to the Oilers are undeniable. With another goal last night, Perry has now notched three goals since joining the team. In addition to his scoring prowess, Perry's willingness to engage physically demonstrates that even at 38 years old, he remains a formidable force on the ice, capable of both scoring and agitating opponents.

Source: Oilersdaily
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Corey Perry Drops The Gloves And Goes Toe-To-Toe With Bruins Defenceman

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