Evander Kane Surprisingly Surpasses One Of Wayne Gretzky's Records

Published February 10, 2024 at 12:17

Wayne Gretzky is the epitome of greatness in the world of professional hockey, so when someone surpasses one of his numerous records, it's definitely noteworthy.

On Friday night, Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane achieved the near-impossible by eclipsing Gretzky in a relatively obscure record. In a 5-3 victory over the Anaheim Ducks, Kane netted three goals, securing the fifth hat trick of his NHL career while donning an Oilers uniform.

Remarkably, Kane became the fastest player in Oilers history to achieve five hat tricks, surpassing even the legendary Wayne Gretzky himself. While it took Gretzky 136 games to achieve his fifth hat trick with the Oilers, Kane accomplished the feat in just 130 games, setting a new milestone.

It's worth noting that Kane's achievement comes later in his career compared to Gretzky's early days with the Oilers. However, regardless of the context, Kane's accomplishment is undeniably impressive, marking another milestone in the ongoing legacy of Wayne Gretzky.

Source: Hockeyfeed
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Evander Kane Surprisingly Surpasses One Of Wayne Gretzky's Records

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