NHL Legend Mark Messier Calls Out Player For Injuring Himself

Published January 13, 2024 at 10:46 PM

Mark Messier, a legendary figure in Rangers history, shared his thoughts on a controversial moment during the clash between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers on Saturday. The incident involved Capitals forward Tom Wilson delivering a hit that left Rangers forward Jonny Brodzinski injured.

Messier expressed his dissatisfaction with the concept of a boarding penalty, stating that such calls weren't part of the game during his playing days. He then shifted the blame from Wilson to Brodzinski, criticizing players for putting themselves in vulnerable positions.

"First of all I don't know what 2 minutes for boarding is," said Messier. "That wasn't a call in my era."

Expressing his frustration, Messier emphasized that he played 26 years in the league because he never exposed himself to such vulnerable situations, contrasting it with the current trend. He highlighted the importance of players not turning their backs, citing the example of the legendary Scott Stevens, known for delivering impactful hits.

"I'm so tired of players putting themselves in vulnerable positions," said Messier. "This is crazy. I would have played 5 years in the league if I turned my back to that. I played 26 because I never put myself in a vulnerable position."

"You don't stand facing the boards if Scott Stevens is on the ice coming after you," said Messier. "You can see Wilson let up on him on the hit."

Messier even credited Wilson for showing restraint on the hit, noting that in a different scenario, like facing Scott Stevens, the consequences could have been more severe. His concern extended to young players, urging them not to put themselves in such vulnerable positions unnecessarily.

"He put himself in a vulnerable position for no reason.... boys and girls do not put yourself in that position," concluded Messier.

In conclusion, Messier emphasized the need for players, both boys and girls, to avoid unnecessary vulnerability on the ice.
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NHL Legend Mark Messier Calls Out Player For Injuring Himself

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