BREAKING: Patrick Roy Has Been Named A Possible Candidate For NHL Coaching position

Published November 6, 2023 at 10:13 PM

With new ownership stepping into the NHL arena, there's been a buzz about a potential coaching shakeup.

Elliott Friedman, in his latest episode of the "32 Thoughts Podcast," dropped an interesting nugget about the Ottawa Senators and their coaching situation under the new ownership group. He pointed out that Patrick Roy's name came into play with one of the investor groups.

"I don't know what Steve Staios [the president of hockey operations] and Michael Andlauer [the owner] think of Patrick Roy, but one of the investor groups was ready to appoint Patrick Roy as head coach. That's the decision they would have made had they taken control of the team!"
- Elliotte Friedman

This revelation sheds light on what might have transpired if that particular investor group had assumed control last year. While Patrick Roy's name has been floated in Ottawa, especially in relation to the head coaching role, it remains to be seen if he'll don the Senators' cap in the future.

So, when the day comes for the Senators to part ways with their current head coach, D.J. Smith, don't be surprised if Patrick Roy's name resurfaces in the discussions. Alongside him, Claude Julien's name also enters the conversation, but Roy seems to garner more attention.

If it indeed unfolds that way, the battles between Ottawa and Montreal could become even more thrilling!

Source: Oilersdaily
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BREAKING: Patrick Roy Has Been Named A Possible Candidate For NHL Coaching position

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