The Ottawa Senators Tease Montreal Canadiens Fans For Early Departure

Published January 19, 2024 at 10:13

The Ottawa Senators managed a refreshing victory against the Montreal Canadiens last night, injecting a bit of positivity into what has been a challenging season. As the Senators dominated with a 6-2 win, they seized the opportunity for a light-hearted moment aimed at the departing Canadiens fans.

With Montreal just a stone's throw away, the arena had its fair share of Canadiens jerseys, but the game's outcome might have left some regretting their choice. The Sens, leading 6-1 in the third period, decided to highlight the departure of Montreal fans with a "Fans Leaving Early" cam, capturing the exodus on the big screen.

Even Senators forward Tim Stützle, who contributed a goal and two assists, couldn't help but find humor in the situation.

Meanwhile, he shrugged off attempts by Brendan Gallagher to incite a fight, emphasizing the unnecessary nature of such confrontations when holding a 5-1 lead.

Stützle shared his perspective, stating,

"You're asking the wrong guy. He's been all over me but I don't really care. We are up 5-1, there's zero need to fight him. He told me I was scared of him. I see it completely different but that's fine."

While a burgeoning rivalry between the teams adds some spice to their matchups, the current season's playoff projections don't favor either side. However, it's these moments that lay the groundwork for future intensity, offering a glimpse of potential heated encounters down the line.

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The Ottawa Senators Tease Montreal Canadiens Fans For Early Departure

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