Ottawa Senators GM Denies Rumours Regarding Brady Tkachuk Being Traded

Published February 29, 2024 at 8:31

As the National Hockey League Trade Deadline looms just ahead, teams are assessing their strategies, distinguishing buyers from sellers. Despite the Ottawa Senators struggles this season, General Manager Steve Staios has firmly stated that captain Brady Tkachuk will not be traded by March 8th.

Staios emphasized this point on the GotYerBack podcast, affirming that the Senators are building their franchise around their young captain. He praised Tkachuk's character, playing style, and leadership qualities, dismissing any trade rumors circulating.

«The rumors could not be further from the truth. We're building this team AROUND Brady Tkachuk and the type of person, player, and leader that he is,» Staios declared.

While Tkachuk may face some criticisms, particularly regarding his play, he is widely regarded as a strong leader with significant room for growth. His consistent expressions of commitment to Ottawa further reinforce the team's confidence in him.

Staios's unwavering support should reassure Tkachuk, ensuring he feels valued and secure in his role with the Senators. However, in the unpredictable world of sports, public statements don't always align with behind-the-scenes actions.

Only time will reveal Tkachuk's long-term fate with the team, but if this writer were to guess, he'd wager on Tkachuk staying in Ottawa for his entire career.

Source: Bladeofsteel
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Ottawa Senators GM Denies Rumours Regarding Brady Tkachuk Being Traded

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