Elliotte Friedman Reveals What It Would Cost The Penguins To Keep Sidney Crosby

Published February 24, 2024 at 11:09 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins are at a pivotal moment this season, grappling with an aging core and a lackluster farm system. As they navigate these challenges, the spotlight intensifies on Sidney Crosby, whose contract is drawing to a close after next season. Amidst speculation about the team's future, new details have emerged about what might keep Crosby in Pittsburgh.

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has shed light on the ongoing contract negotiations between Crosby and the Penguins. According to Friedman, the key to Crosby's stay might involve a significant salary boost.

«Friedman on 32TP guesses Crosby's next deal with Pittsburgh will be 3x10 or 3x10.5.»

This potential deal represents a nearly two million dollar increase from Crosby's current average annual value (AAV) of 8.7 million dollars, suggesting the Penguins are willing to invest heavily to retain their captain well into his 40s.

Crosby's Future with the Penguins: A Turning Point

The current season has been less than ideal for the Penguins, raising concerns among fans about the team's direction and its ability to attract top talent. For Crosby, arguably one of the NHL's elite, the decision to stay hinges on the team's commitment to competitiveness.

The Penguins' performance this season and their actions in the offseason will be crucial in convincing Crosby that his future should remain in Pittsburgh. Should they fail to retain key players like Guentzel or make impactful moves, doubts about Crosby's tenure with the team could intensify.

While it's hard to imagine Crosby donning another team's jersey, the uncertainty of the situation reminds fans that in hockey, as in life, nothing is guaranteed.

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Elliotte Friedman Reveals What It Would Cost The Penguins To Keep Sidney Crosby

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