Elliotte Friedman Reveals Maple Leafs Questionable Goaltender Situation

Published February 25, 2024 at 2:12 PM

When Toronto Maple Leafs top goalie, Joseph Woll, got injured in early December, it was tough for the team. Backup goalie Ilya Samsonov wasn't playing well, and third-stringer Martin Jones hadn't proven himself yet.

But Jones really stepped up in December and January, which helped the team stay strong until Samsonov got back on track in January.

Woll has been practicing with the team and did great during a stint with the AHL's Marlies, showing he's ready to come back. Elliotte Friedman reported on Hockey Night in Canada that the Leafs are thinking about what to do next.

They're trying to decide if they should keep three goalies for the next month and a half or drop one to make room for Woll. Since both Jones and Samsonov have been playing well, it's unlikely they'll drop either of them. So, the Leafs might keep all three goalies or look into trading to avoid losing someone valuable. The next 48 hours will be crucial for the team's goalie plans.

Source: Houseofhockey
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Elliotte Friedman Reveals Maple Leafs Questionable Goaltender Situation

If you had to choice who leaves the Toronto Maple Leafs who would you pick?

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