Mitch Marner with the Toronto Maple Leafs
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Insider confirms multiple teams are looking to trade for Mitch Marner

Published May 10, 2024 at 8:19

NHL insider Nick Kypreos recently confirmed ongoing trade rumors swirling around Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner.

According to Kypreos, multiple NHL teams have expressed interest in acquiring Marner's talents, highlighting the impressive track record he's built in the league.

Marner consistently approaches the 100-point mark each season and boasts three all-star game appearances, making him a sought-after asset. His next contract is expected to command a significant price tag, reflecting his value on the ice.

While the teams vying for Marner's services have yet to be officially confirmed, speculation is rampant. As more insiders chime in with their insights, the Marner trade talks are sure to heat up.

Securing Marner won't come cheap, as his hefty price tag extends beyond just a trade; his next contract is expected to be a substantial investment for any team looking to add him to their roster.

For further analysis on Marner's situation and the trade rumors surrounding him, tuning into Kypreos's discussions with Bourne on Sportsnet provides valuable insights.

Amidst these discussions, one can't help but wonder if Smith Entertainment Group, particularly Utah, will make a big move by acquiring Marner to bolster their lineup and make a splash in the league.

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Insider confirms teams already inquiring about Mitch Marner
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Insider confirms multiple teams are looking to trade for Mitch Marner

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