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NHL Insider Reveals Potential Date For The 2024 NHL Draft Lottery

Published March 26, 2024 at 7:48 PM

The buzz around this year's NHL draft lottery is growing, especially with insider Frank Seravalli sharing a potential date for the event.

This year's draft lottery is drawing extra attention with the chance to pick top prospect Macklin Celebrini first overall.

Seravalli suggests marking calendars for May 6th or 7th, as he expects the NHL to conduct its annual draft lottery around these dates, he shared on X.

"Still fluid, but sounds like plan is for 2024 #NHLDraft Lottery to be held on May 6 or May 7.

#NHL is still working through playoff scheduling and finding appropriate TV window."

For teams that had a tough season, the draft lottery offers a glimmer of hope, with Celebrini being the ultimate prize. With exceptional skills, he's the clear choice for the number one spot.

The race for Celebrini is heating up, with the San Jose Sharks currently in the lead with a 25.5% chance of landing the first pick. Following closely are the Chicago Blackhawks with 13.5%, the Anaheim Ducks at 11.5%, the Columbus Blue Jackets at 9.5%, and the Montreal Canadiens rounding out the top five with an 8.5% chance.

The Ottawa Senators, Seattle Kraken, Pittsburgh Penguins (whose pick could go to the Sharks if it falls out of the top 10), Buffalo Sabres, and Calgary Flames are all in the mix for the top spot as well.


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NHL Insider Reveals Potential Date For The 2024 NHL Draft Lottery

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