Minor hockey player attempts to fight two linesman in brawl

Published October 16, 2023 at 2:09 PM

In minor hockey, fighting is seen far more often than it should be present, if at all. Recently in a Russian minor hockey game, a scrum after the play was dead unravelled as a player directed his anger towards the linesmen, and began fighting them.

As the team in white was leading by four goals in the third period, tensions boiled over into a small brawl after the whistle. This led to more pushing and shoving, and when the play should've died down, instead a player from the winning team entered from outside the scrum and viciously kicked the leg of an opposing player.

The player who was kicked was immediately incensed, and went to fight the offending player. He later fell to the ice where the officials on the ice tried to break up the fight.

From there, the situation devolved into madness. The linesman broke up the two players, but in the process angered one even more, leading to the player attacking the linesmen. The player took a few swings at the officials, and they were able to take the player down to the ice as the video ends.

Hopefully, the offending player won't be playing any time soon, and should be facing a lengthy suspension or expulsion from the minor hockey league.

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Minor hockey player attempts to fight two linesman in brawl

Should this player be suspended for the rest of the season?

Yes11469.5 %
No1911.6 %
At least multiple games, not all season3118.9 %
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