Ryan Reaves leaving the game with a swollen eye after heated fight.
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Ryan Reaves Forced To Exit Game Early After Fight With Nic Deslauriers

Published March 19, 2024 at 9:54 PM

Ryan Reaves, known for his toughness on the ice, found himself in a tough spot during a recent Toronto Maple Leafs game against the Philadelphia Flyers. Early into the matchup, Reaves dropped the gloves with Flyers' forward Nic Deslauriers in a spirited bout.

The encounter, which featured a fair exchange of punches, unfortunately ended poorly for Reaves. According to reports from Philly Hockey Now, Deslauriers landed some effective hits, leaving Reaves with a swollen eye so severe that he couldn't continue in the game.

Despite the injury sidelining him, many fans and commentators felt Reaves had the upper hand in the fight. His willingness to stand up for his team, even at personal cost, underscores his importance to the Maple Leafs, especially with the playoffs on the horizon.

As the postseason approaches, the Maple Leafs are surely eager for Reaves to recover quickly. His presence on the ice not only boosts his team's morale but also ensures that Toronto's stars are well-protected, allowing them to focus on the game.

Source: Hockeypatrol
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Ryan Reaves Forced To Exit Game Early After Fight With Nic Deslauriers

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