Criminal charges against Predators' coach Brunette now dropped

Published September 20, 2023 at 11:30

In April of this year, Andrew Brunette, a higher profile NHL coach, was facing charges of driving a golf cart under the influence and disorderly conduct in Florida.

When this incident occurred, Brunette was an assistant coach of the New Jersey Devils. On recorded video, he was seen clearly to be under the influence and refusing a blood alcohol test after driving a golf cart recklessly. Later on in the, he half-heartedly threatens the officer, and brags about his employment and ties to the NHL.

Five months removed from the incident now, Andy Slater reports that all criminal charges have been dropped against Brunette, and he will clearly be able to go on to become the Nashville Predators head coach this season.

Although the charges were dropped, Brunette needs to learn and respond to his own reckless behaviour, and never put himself in a situation like that again.
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Criminal charges against Predators' coach Brunette now dropped

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