Final Verdict Reached for Mike Ribeiro in Alleged Assault Cases

Published February 2, 2024 at 10:33 PM

Former NHL forward Mike Ribiero has been acquitted of two counts of SA, as reported by media outlets. The jury reached a deadlock on a charge of attempted SA, leaving open the possibility of a retrial, according to TSN's Rick Westhead.

Ribeiro faced charges of two counts of SA and one count of attempted SA, allegedly occurring on Lake Cypress Springs on June 23, 2021. Last week, the third accuser took the stand to testify in the case.

The alleged incidents involved Ribeiro assaulting one woman on his boat, while the other two were claimed to have happened separately on a Waverunner jetski.

This isn't the first time Ribiero has faced such accusations. In 2015, a former nanny accused him of SA, resulting in a settlement between the parties.

Although facing a potential 20-year prison sentence, Ribeiro was ultimately found not guilty.

Despite his impressive career stats of 793 points in 1,074 games with teams like the Montreal Canadiens, Dallas Stars, Washington Capitals, Arizona Coyotes, and Nashville Predators, Ribeiro's reputation has been marred by legal issues.

Source: Hockeyfeed
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