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Many Fans Call Out Gary Bettman As They Believe He Rigged Recent Game

Published January 20, 2024 at 12:09

In a goal-packed Minnesota Wild versus Florida Panthers game, questions arose about the NHL's role, with some suggesting Gary Bettman and the league may have favored the Wild.

Panthers Outscore Wild 5-on-5 But Face Defeat

It's not a common sight to witness a team outscoring their opponent at 5 on 5 and still ending up on the losing side. Yet, that's precisely what unfolded last night as the Florida Panthers managed to outscore the Minnesota Wild 4-1 at even strength. Despite this, they ultimately fell short, losing the game 6-4.

Outscored them 4-1 even strength (not including the ENG), idc what you say we win that game with Barkov on our PK and PP. Not to mention Minnesota got FIVE powerplays half of them questionable and multiple no calls for much worse against Florida. Jake Brenk 2 games in a row.

The Wild capitalized on their powerplays, converting on 5 of them, proving pivotal in securing the win.

Minnesota Ref's Presence Raises Eyebrows

Post-game revelations disclosed that one of the officials overseeing the Wild versus Panthers match hailed from Minnesota. This discovery raises concerns, given the Wild's significant powerplay opportunities that played a crucial role in their victory.

While the Wild had to make the most of their powerplay chances, the fact that the ref had ties to Minnesota doesn't sit well with the Panthers. Fans of the Panthers would likely express discontent if the same referee is assigned to their games against the Wild in the future.

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Many Fans Call Out Gary Bettman As They Believe He Rigged Recent Game

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