NHL draft process to undergo significant changes in upcoming seasons

Published October 26, 2023 at 8:17

Reports surfaced suggesting a significant overhaul of the NHL draft process, with talks of "decentralization," a concept that could mirror the NFL and NBA draft events where prospects attend in person while teams participate remotely.

On Wednesday, insider sources, including Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, disclosed that the vast majority of NHL teams have cast their votes in favor of decentralizing the draft.

The NHL issued a memo to teams following the submissions, confirming that there is considerable support for the shift to a decentralized draft.

However, it remains unclear when this change will be implemented, with logistics and details yet to be finalized.

Friedman, in his recent "32 Thoughts" column, delved into how this decentralization could reshape the draft. Under this new format, team front offices would stay in their headquarters, while drafted players would attend a central location and be greeted by the commissioner, similar to the NFL draft.

While some express disappointment at the move away from the traditional format, citing its role in fostering trading activity and enhancing the overall draft experience, it seems the winds of change are upon the NHL.

According to Friedman, the new format could take effect in the summer of 2025, marking the end of an era and potentially signaling one last grand event in the current setup.

As the draft landscape undergoes a transformation, the league will need to find innovative ways to maintain excitement and engagement for fans and insiders alike.

Source: Hockeyfeed
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NHL draft process to undergo significant changes in upcoming seasons

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