Player breaks the code and quickly learns why that's a bad idea

Published September 21, 2023 at 9:01

Hockey's unwritten code is a time honoured tradition and had been around since the beginning of the game. Players use the code as a way to police themselves when they're on the ice, if the code gets broken, it more often than not results in a form of retribution. Every player knows and understands the code, but that doesn't stop some players from crossing the line.

During a preseason game between the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds and Sudbury Wolves, things popped off during a stoppage of play when the code was broken by Wolves forward Landon McCallum. The video shows McCallum appearing to tear off a chain they is around Alex Kostov's neck.

Here is the exchange between Kostov and McCallum. McCallum appears to rip off Kostov's chain(the neckguard doesn't move ) which leads to Kostov going after McCallum.

Nice tilt between D'Intino & Villeneuve as well.

In the video McCallum clearly crossed the line by tearing off Kostov's chain and Kostov wastes no time delivering his own retribution. Hopefully McCallum learned a lot from this situation that when you FA you might FO.
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Player breaks the code and quickly learns why that's a bad idea

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