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Insider Reports Two Cities Met With Gary Bettman for Future Expansion

Published April 9, 2024 at 1:45 PM

In the hockey world, talks of NHL expansion are buzzing, shining a light on two cities eyeing future team spots. Reports swirl of meetings between Atlanta, Houston, and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, stirring up curiosity about the league's next steps.

With the NHL gaining popularity, cities like Quebec City and Salt Lake City vie for franchise spots. Now, Atlanta and Houston join the conversation, adding a fresh twist to the expansion storyline.

ESPN's Kevin Weekes hinted at the drama, mentioning secretive talks between city reps and NHL officials in New York City. The tweet on Monday suggested big changes in the hockey world.

"👀 I'm told that members of the Tilman Fertitta led Houston group, and the Vernon Krause led Atlanta group are meeting with the @NHL in NYC. #HockeyTwitter #HockeyX" Weekes said in a post on X on Monday afternoon.

As the league ponders expansion and relocation, the Coyotes' plan for a new arena in Phoenix adds intrigue. The future of struggling teams remains uncertain.

Amidst this excitement and uncertainty, the NHL leads the charge in redefining professional hockey.

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Two Cities reportedly meeting with Gary Bettman for future expansion
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Insider Reports Two Cities Met With Gary Bettman for Future Expansion

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