Scary Situation As Game Ends Early After Head Coach Collapses Behind Bench

Published March 9, 2024 at 9:39 PM

Tonight's matchup took an unexpected and somber turn when an incident on the St. John's Sea Dogs bench caused immediate concern. Minutes into the third period against the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, the game was abruptly paused under alarming circumstances.

The situation was succinctly summarized in initial reports:

« This is what we know.

At 19:06 of the third period, something happened behind the Saint John Sea Dogs bench. We don't know what happened or who it is.

The person has been taken off the bench on a stretcher.

The game has been called off with Cape Breton leading 6-0.»

It was later clarified that the person in distress was the head coach of the Sea Dogs, which led to an outpouring of concern from the hockey community.

The gravity of the situation prompted a decisive action:

«Due to a medical incident on the Saint John bench, tonight's game has been cancelled.»

As the news unfolded, the focus shifted from the game to the well-being of those involved, leaving the community in a state of hopeful concern for the coach's recovery.

Source: Bladeofsteel
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