Swiss League Player Tossed From The Game After Punching Ref In The Face

Published February 22, 2024 at 4:34 PM

In a surprising turn of events during a game in the Swiss National League, Ambri-Piotta's player is facing potential suspension after a shocking incident where he landed a punch on a game official's face. The altercation, which quickly spiraled out of control, left onlookers and players alike in disbelief.

Tobias Forhler, who hails from Germany and has spent the last few years playing in Switzerland, found himself in a heated exchange with Eric Gélinas of HC Ajoie. As tensions rose, a linesman intervened to defuse the situation, only to become the unintended target of Forhler's aggression.

With a deliberate punch, Forhler struck the linesman squarely in the face, leaving no doubt about his intentions. The official's reaction was a mixture of shock and dismay, clearly taken aback by the unexpected attack, while a referee nearby promptly informed Forhler that his participation in the game was over.

Eric Gélinas, with his history as a New Jersey draft pick and experience spanning nearly 200 NHL games with the New Jersey Devils and Colorado Avalanche, could barely contain his amusement at Forhler's misjudgment, leading to laughter and pointing.

Details on the length of Forhler's suspension are still pending, but given the nature of the incident – an intentional strike on an official – the consequences are expected to be severe. Although the punch might not have been forceful, the act of targeting an official is taken very seriously in the sport.

Source: Bladeofsteel
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Swiss League Player Tossed From The Game After Punching Ref In The Face

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