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The NHL confirmed which division the Utah Hockey Club will be part of

Published April 18, 2024 at 10:48 PM

The NHL has sealed the deal to relocate the Arizona Coyotes to Salt Lake City starting next season. Despite the move, the new Utah team will stay in the Central Division, with no shuffling of the existing divisional alignments.

For Coyotes fans, it's been a tough pill to swallow. The beloved team won't just be moving cities, it'll be starting afresh under a new banner. The NHL clarified that the Coyotes' storied history and achievements will remain Arizona's legacy.

This decision paves the way for potentially reviving the Coyotes as an expansion team later on, a move underscored by a specific provision in the sale that allows former owner Alex Meruelo a shot at re-establishing the team in Arizona.

Amid these changes, there was speculation about possible divisional realignments, particularly involving Calgary and Edmonton. But the league has put those rumors to rest, confirming no shifts in division assignments. This keeps the new Salt Lake City team in the Central Division, maintaining the structure as it was with the Coyotes.

«The Coyotes Franchise is transferring its hockey assets (including its full reserve list, roster of players and draft picks, and its hockey operations department) to Utah. Utah is starting as a new franchise. The history of the Coyotes will stay behind."

Looking ahead, if the NHL decides to expand back into Arizona, we might see discussions about realignment resurface. But given how dynamic league structures can be, only time will tell how things will shake out.

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The NHL confirms Utah's team will play in the Central division
April 18   |   81 answers
The NHL confirmed which division the Utah Hockey Club will be part of

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