Vegas Golden Knights trying to acquire Mitch Marner

May 31, 2024  (2:33 PM)

Mitch Marner
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According to ongoing reports, Mitch Marner will be traded by the Toronto Maple Leafs this summer for a forward. It currently seems like the Vegas Golden Knights are expressing a lot of interest, despite the attention from multiple teams.

It looks that the Toronto Maple Leafs and general manager Brad Treliving will eventually break up the team's Core Four this summer, whether you think it's the right or wrong option. After eight years of meager postseason results, the club is now prepared to alter its mentality. This approach gets more challenging when each core member's pact includes some sort of trade protection.
Given his current contract status, it appears that Mitch Marner is likely to be the odd man out in Toronto. Captain John Tavares has already stated he has no intention of leaving and of the two Marner is the most appealing trade piece. The talented forward continues to dazzle during the regular season, but hasn't been able to translate that success into the playoffs.
It seems like Mitch Marner is going to be the odd man out in Toronto, especially considering his current contract condition. Of the two, Marner is the more desirable trade component, and Captain John Tavares has already declared he has no plans to leave. The gifted forward is still shining during the regular season, but he hasn't been able to carry over his form into the postseason.
The Golden Knights seem to have joined the conversation at this point. Vegas has often demonstrated a willingness to think outside the box to close a transaction.
As they have demonstrated time and time again, Vegas will move heaven and earth to close a deal if they can improve the team.
It's unknown currently if Marner would be prepared to forgo his trade protection in order to move to Vegas, but it would be a very alluring destination for a young forward and developing market with such a vibrant nightlife. The only question that would still need to be answered is if Vegas has the necessary assets to finalize a deal or whether the Maple Leafs would be willing to keep paying payroll in order to achieve a higher return.
As the Maple Leafs attempt to put themselves in the best possible position to make improvements to their squad for the upcoming season, the discussion around Marner is anticipated to ramp up during this summer's draft.
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Vegas Golden Knights trying to acquire Mitch Marner

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