Darnell Nurse hitting Elias Pettersson head first into the boards
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Fans outraged as Nurse's dirty hit on Elias Pettersson goes uncalled

Published May 10, 2024 at 11:09 PM

The intensity was ramped up from the start in Game 2 of the second-round playoff series between the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks.

Trailing early in the game, the Oilers' Darnell Nurse delivered a massive hit on Elias Pettersson that set the tone for the night.

Pettersson was retrieving a puck behind the Oilers' goal when Nurse checked him hard into the boards. Despite the heavy impact, Pettersson was quick to get back on his feet, appearing slightly dazed but continuing to play.

It's somewhat miraculous he wasn't sidelined by the hit, especially considering its severity, and he wasn't evaluated by the concussion spotters.

The absence of a penalty call on Nurse's hit was controversial, to say the least. This non-call seemed to echo the questionable officiating from the first game of the series, where similar incidents went unpunished.

Despite taking that hard hit, Pettersson didn't just stay in the game, he silenced his critics beautifully. There had been murmurs about his playoff performance, but he answered loud and clear, playing a pivotal role and scoring a crucial goal that contributed significantly to the Canucks' efforts.

Looking ahead, the Oilers are likely to keep up the physical pressure on Pettersson, aiming to neutralize one of the Canucks' key threats. However, it's clear from this game that Pettersson can handle the heat and still deliver when it counts.

Source: Oilersdaily
Nurse hits Pettersson head first into the boards with no penalty call
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Fans outraged as Nurse's dirty hit on Elias Pettersson goes uncalled

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