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NHL Insider Reveals Near Miss On A Blockbuster Trade That Almost Happened

Published January 12, 2024 at 11:21 PM

In a surprising twist, the Philadelphia Flyers traded top prospect Cutter Gauthier to the Anaheim Ducks, citing his reluctance to play for the team. The move, which brought in Jamie Drysdale, has sparked discussions on whether the Flyers could have gotten a better return for Gauthier.

Insights from Elliotte Friedman's podcast, 32 Thoughts, shared that the Flyers initially explored a deal with the Colorado Avalanche involving highly regarded defender Bowen Byram. Friedman mentioned,
"I think Philly did ask about Bowen Byram, and I just think Colorado wasn't going there I suspect Colorado's answer was we are not doing this 1-for-1, it's got to be more than Gauthier for Byram."

The proposed 1-for-1 trade, Gauthier for Byram, faced resistance from the Avalanche, who insisted on a more substantial package for their promising defenseman.

Consequently, the Flyers turned to the Ducks and secured Drysdale in the deal. While Drysdale is a promising addition, the revelation about the initial pursuit of Byram adds an intriguing layer to the trade narrative.

Fans are left to ponder what might have been in an alternate scenario. These trade dynamics in the NHL shed light on the delicate balance teams navigate in their quest for optimal player acquisitions.

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NHL Insider Reveals Near Miss On A Blockbuster Trade That Almost Happened

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