Complete Breakdown Of The Noah Hanifin Trade Has Officially Been Unveiled

Published March 7, 2024 at 7:24

The Vegas Golden Knights have made a significant move ahead of the trade deadline by acquiring defenceman Noah Hanifin from the Calgary Flames. This multi-team trade has sent shockwaves across the NHL, especially with the deadline approaching on Friday at 3PM ET.

In the deal, Vegas will have Hanifin with 75% of his salary retained, along with acquiring the rights to promising player Mikhail Vorobyov from the Philadelphia Flyers.

Calgary receives a conditional 2025 1st Round Pick, AHL prospect Daniil Miromanov, who they've signed to a two-year extension, and another conditional 3rd Round Pick.

The Flyers also got involved, sending Vorobyov's rights to Vegas to finalize the trade.

Known for his solid defense and slick puck-handling, Hanifin has been a game-changer for the Flames and will now bring his talents to Vegas, boosting their blue line depth.

Vorobyov, who has been impressive in the KHL with 41 points in 61 games this season, is expected to be a valuable addition to the Golden Knights.

The trade also comes with some interesting conditions on the draft picks involved. If Vegas trades away the 2025 1st round pick before the deadline, it becomes a 2026 pick. Additionally, if Vegas reaches at least one round in the 2024 playoffs, the 3rd round pick could upgrade to a 2nd rounder.

With both teams retaining 25% of Hanifin's $4.95 million paycheck, the deal provides financial flexibility for everyone involved.

As Hanifin's contract expires after this season, the trade signifies Vegas' strategic move to bolster their lineup for a playoff push, while the Flyers aim to strengthen their draft picks and prospect pool.

Source: Hockeypatrol
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Complete Breakdown Of The Noah Hanifin Trade Has Officially Been Unveiled

Who got the best deal out of this 3-way trade?

Vegas Golden Knights4355.8 %
Philadelphia Flyers1418.2 %
Calgary Flames2026 %
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