Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand
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Brad Marchand's season in jeopardy due to recent injury in game 3

Published May 11, 2024 at 8:46 PM

Last night's showdown between the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers took an unfortunate turn when Sam Bennett landed a high hit on Bruins star Brad Marchand.

Marchand, known for his pivotal role in Boston's lineup, was caught off-guard by what looked like to be a punch as he moved in for a hit.

Rich Keefe of the RichKeefeShow and the Dork Podcast reports that Marchand is now under concussion protocol and is ruled out for at least games four and five. Here's the scoop from Keefe:

Scoops: Brad Marchand out for at least Game 4 and Game 5, concussion protocol. Sources tell

Losing Marchand could be a critical blow for the Bruins. As team captain and a key offensive player, his absence is more than just a gap in the lineup, it's a challenge to the team's depth and spirit. With the series heating up, the Bruins will need to rally without one of their top performers, pushing past the setback to advance in the playoffs.
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Brad Marchand's season in jeopardy due to recent injury in game 3

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