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Maroon shares why he didn't retaliated to Bennett's punch on Marchand

Published May 13, 2024 at 7:52 PM

Patrick Maroon, Boston Bruins newest addition at the trade deadline has been getting frequently asked on why he hasn't retaliated to Florida Panthers forward Sam Bennett, after he took out Brad Marchand.

During game three Sam Bennett had sucker punched Brad Marchand in the first period, Marchand continued to play until he departed for the locker room for the second intermission, after that Marchand would not return for the remainder of game 3 and would go on to miss game 4.

Patrick Maroon who isn't one to shy away form any altercations, in fact he hasn't been hiding from the Panthers during this series as he challenged Sam Bennett and the whole Panthers team to a fight but none of them wanted to go.

Pat Maroon offering his services to anybody in a white sweater

When Pat Maroon was questioned on why he hasn't done anything to Sam Bennett this is what he had to say:

Pat Maroon on making Sam Bennett answer: «I'm sure everyone's wondering why I haven't done anything. I'll sit here and say it's not like I haven't tried or I don't want to do anything.»

Adds he doesn't want to take a dumb penalty or get suspended.

Source: Bruinsinsider
Maroon reveals why he hasn't retaliated to Bennett's punch on Marchand
May 13   |   28 answers
Maroon shares why he didn't retaliated to Bennett's punch on Marchand

Who do you think would win in a fight if it ever happened?

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Sam Bennett828.6 %
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