Cale Makar Speaks Out On His Involvement In The 2018 WJC Scandal

Published February 3, 2024 at 8:53

As details of the 2018 World Junior Championship scandal involving Team Canada emerge, one of the team members, Cale Makar, has addressed the media regarding the ongoing investigation.

Makar has consistently maintained his innocence, stating,
"I've been kind of straightforward from the start that I wasn't there. But again, I'm just gonna leave it back to the people who are handling obviously the work right now."
Recent developments seem to align with his account.

Beyond denying involvement, the All-Star defenseman has become a vocal advocate for changing the culture within the sport. Makar recognizes the progress made but emphasizes there's still work to be done to ensure hockey is truly inclusive.

"I think we're at a point now where it's very inclusive for everybody, and it should feel that way. And if it doesn't, then we as a league and us as a game aren't doing the correct things to make it feel that way.

So, for us, in my mind, I feel like everybody should be accepted, regardless of who you are. And I think that the game has just continued to grow and in that respect, I'm proud of where it's at right now. But we definitely still obviously have a long way to go."

This stance isn't new for Makar; in a 2022 interview about the investigation, he expressed similar sentiments. It's noteworthy to see a prominent player like Makar consistently speaking out on these issues, providing a refreshing perspective in a sport where players often remain silent.

As the London Police plan a press conference on Monday at 2 PM EST to discuss the investigation, the question looms about whether new information will surface.

The unfolding story raises curiosity about whether Makar and his teammates will continue to address the media as the situation develops.

Source: Hockeypatrol
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Cale Makar Speaks Out On His Involvement In The 2018 WJC Scandal

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