Jamie Benn laying big hit on Devon Toews during game 2
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Controversy sparks after Jamie Benn's headshot on Toews goes uncalled

Published May 10, 2024 at 8:45

Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars stirred up controversy with a hard hit on Devon Toews of the Colorado Avalanche, raising questions about a potential headshot.

In the midst of a heated second-round series in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs, tensions boiled over in the latest matchup between the Avalanche and Stars. The incident occurred when Benn delivered a forceful hit on Toews, appearing to make contact with his head.

Despite the apparent severity of the hit, no penalty was called, sparking intense debate online. Many observers argue that the primary point of impact was Toews' head.

Jamie Benn delivers a big hit to Devon Toews.

There was no penalty on the play.

After a review, officials opted not to penalize Benn for the hit. However, Colorado coach Jared Bednar expressed dissatisfaction with both the hit itself and the lack of a penalty call.

"Does he catch a piece of his shoulder? Yeah, I guess you could argue that, but the target is high and it's at his head and it makes contact with the head I've seen many times guys get called for the head shot and penalty with a lot less than that." Bednar remarked.

Despite the controversy, the Dallas Stars emerged victorious with a 5-3 win, evening the series at one game apiece. With tensions running high, all eyes will be on Game 3 scheduled for Saturday night.

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Benn's uncalled hit on Toews causes outrage among fans
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Controversy sparks after Jamie Benn's headshot on Toews goes uncalled

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