New Jersey Devils Head Coach Snaps On Reporter After Asking A Normal Question

Published January 18, 2024 at 2:30 PM

The New Jersey Devils head coach, Lindy Ruff, didn't hold back when responding to a question from reporter Ryan Novozinsky after the recent game against the Montreal Canadiens.

Novozinsky asked Ruff about the limited ice time for Alexander Holtz, who scored the game-tying goal and led the team in shots despite spending just 8:07 on the ice.

Ruff's response was direct:

«If you look at the opportunity in the second period where (he) threw the puck in the middle of the ice, you get a point-blank scoring chance. In a tight game, in a one-goal game, it's plays like that where we're trying to get back in the game and we drop down to three lines. We happened to get back in the game.»

Ruff's honesty may have been a bit harsh, but it sheds light on his coaching decisions.

Coach Ruff Explains Benching Holtz

While Ruff's comments might not sit well with Novozinsky, the coach offered a clear explanation for benching Holtz.

Ruff expressed dissatisfaction with Holtz's puck management, citing a particular instance where the player sent the puck to the middle of the ice:

«He understands we're trying to eliminate the pucks that go into the middle of the ice, the puck management part. So when you make a play like that, then it's going to be hard to get back onto the ice because we just gave them a quality scoring chance off a play where we didn't need to put it.»

Ruff also critiqued Holtz's power play goal that tied the game:

«Yeah, I liked his power play goal, a couple of other things I liked, but is he going to make the same play again?»

The Devils ultimately lost 3-2 to the Canadiens, leaving fans questioning whether a different outcome could have been achieved with more ice time for Holtz.

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New Jersey Devils Head Coach Snaps On Reporter After Asking A Normal Question

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