Major Concern Rises Regarding The New York Rangers Rookies Health

Published February 28, 2024 at 11:43

New York Rangers newcomer Matt Rempe has been quite the contender since stepping onto the ice, engaging in fights during four out of his five games.

While he's managed to secure a goal and an assist in his brief tenure, it's his scuffles that have garnered attention, squaring off against tough opponents like Matt Martin of the New York Islanders, Jonas Siegenthaler of the New Jersey Devils, Nic Deslauriers of the Philadelphia Flyers, and Mathieu Olivier of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Following his recent bout with Olivier, Rempe showed up at Rangers' practice sporting visible scars and a black eye. The image quickly circulated online, prompting a response from Hadi Kalakeche, Director of North American Scouting, who expressed concern over Rempe's condition at such a young age:

"Call me soft all you want, but a 21-year-old kid looking like this after a total of 15 minutes of ice time should not be allowed.

His brain isn't even close to fully developed. CTE is no joke."

The topic of Rempe's physicality has been a recurring discussion since his debut. Rangers coach Peter Laviolette acknowledged ongoing conversations regarding his player's approach to the game.

Former enforcer John Scott, who stands tall like Rempe, offered his own perspective on handling opponents during fights:

«When You're 6-foot-7, you want to grab him by his neck right here,» Scott said while motioning to his Adam's apple. «You want to drive your fist up into his neck so he can't breathe and it's uncomfortable for him. That's what I would try to do. I wasn't a big jersey jab, punch in the head. I hated that. I would grab it and I would push it on the guy's neck and it would make it uncomfortable so he'd have to swivel off.»

While Rempe's prowess on the ice is undeniable, it's essential for him to prioritize his safety and consider the risks associated with repeated physical confrontations, as highlighted by Kalakeche's cautionary remarks.

Rempe's promising rookie year should be celebrated, but his well-being must not be overlooked.

Source: Hockeyfeed
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Major Concern Rises Regarding The New York Rangers Rookies Health

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