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Controversy sparks over new rule implemented by Tampa Bay Lightning

Published April 16, 2024 at 8:50 PM

The Tampa Bay Lightning have sparked a bit of a stir by introducing a controversial dress code for the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs.

Echoing a move made by the Florida Panthers last season, the Lightning will enforce a policy that bans fans from wearing opposing team colors in a particular section of their arena.

The new rule has left some fans feeling slighted. After all, shelling out for a high-priced ticket only to face restrictions on what you can wear doesn't sit well with everyone.

Tampa fans, tell me this is only a joke..

Any NHL team that does this is weak, really going to prohibit someone from wearing their team merchandise when they spent hundreds of dollars on a ticket to watch the game..

Thought we were homies TBL

This approach isn't unheard of in sports, European soccer teams often have similar policies to separate home and visitor fans. However, it's a newer concept for NHL fans and not everyone is warming up to the idea.

It's worth mentioning that this dress code is limited to a specific club-level area, allowing visiting team supporters to wear their colors elsewhere in the venue. As the playoffs approach, the hope is that this rule doesn't dampen the spirits of hockey fans eager to support their teams on the road.

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Tampa Bay Lightning under fire for imposing a ridiculous new rule
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Controversy sparks over new rule implemented by Tampa Bay Lightning

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