UPDATE: Toronto Maple Leafs Provide Crucial Update On Joseph Woll's Injury

Published January 18, 2024 at 2:53 PM

In a recent media update, the Toronto Maple Leafs shared both encouraging and tempered news about the recovery of their promising young goaltender, Joseph Woll.

On the positive side, it has been confirmed that Woll will be joining the team on their road trips. The announcement was straightforward, with reports stating,
"Joseph Woll is indeed on this trip."

Many fans hoped that this would indicate Woll's imminent return to the ice, especially since he hasn't been practicing with the team thus far.

However, during his media availability, Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe aimed to manage expectations. While confirming that Woll would be collaborating with the team's goalie coach during the road trip, Keefe clarified,
"It just means he's one step further. I don't even expect to see him in any practices on this trip. He's just here to work with Curtis [Maple Leafs goaltending coach Curtis Sanford] and be around the guys."

While this update may not be the news fans were eagerly anticipating, it signifies progress. Woll's independent skating sessions and work with the coaches are positive indicators. If these steps go well, the next logical phase would involve integrating him back into team practices once they return home.

Woll's eventual return to action would undoubtedly be a significant boost for the Maple Leafs, providing stability in the goaltender position and offering a clearer assessment of the team's needs as the trade deadline approaches.

Source: Hockeypatrol
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UPDATE: Toronto Maple Leafs Provide Crucial Update On Joseph Woll's Injury

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