Gary Bettman Makes An Official Decision To Deny Morgan Rielly's Appeal

Published February 20, 2024 at 1:45 PM

It's been a week since Morgan Rielly's cross-check to the head of Ridly Greig stirred controversy. The hit came after Greig's slapshot into the Maple Leafs' empty net, leaving fans divided on whether it was a disrespectful violation or an overblown situation.

Earlier this week, Rielly received a 5-game suspension from the NHL Department of Player Safety. However, this punishment raised eyebrows for not aligning with past penalties for similar plays and overlooking important factors considered by DoPS.

On Wednesday, Rielly and the NHLPA appealed the suspension.

Rielly's appeal hearing took place at the NHL's Offices in New York City. Given the short suspension, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman presided over the hearing, with Rielly accompanied by Leafs management and Players Association lawyers.

After deliberation, Bettman has reached a decision.

«National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman today affirmed the five-game suspension that was assessed to Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly for cross-checking Ottawa Senators forward Ridly Greig during NHL Game No. 812 in Ottawa on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Commissioner Bettman heard Rielly's appeal of the original decision, assessed Feb. 13, at a hearing on Feb. 16.

The incident occurred at 19:54 of the third period. Rielly was assessed a major penalty and game misconduct for cross-checking.«

While there may be dissenting opinions, the real question remains: Did the league make the right call?

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Gary Bettman Makes An Official Decision To Deny Morgan Rielly's Appeal

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