Ryan Reaves Sends Stern Warning To Anaheim Ducks Enforcer

Published February 17, 2024 at 2:51 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are gearing up to take on Radko Gudas and the Anaheim Ducks today, and Ryan Reaves isn't pulling any punches when it comes to Gudas.

Gudas Sparks Controversy with Woll Incident

In the playoffs last season, the Florida Panthers clashed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, ultimately besting them in just five games. During one intense matchup that went into overtime, Panthers defenseman Radko Gudas ignited tensions by screaming in Joseph Woll's face after scoring the game-winning goal.

Since then, Gudas has earned the ire of Toronto fans and will face off against the Leafs for the first time since that playoff clash, now donning the Anaheim Ducks jersey.

Reaves Issues Warning to Gudas

During the offseason, Ryan Reaves made it clear how he'd handle a similar situation if he were with the Leafs.

"I hope he tries that," said Reaves when asked about the incident involving Gudas and Woll. "That would be interesting wouldn't it? That would be fun. I doubt there's gonna be any of that here." - Ryan Reaves during the offseason

In a recent pre-game interview, Reaves sent a clear message to Gudas that such behavior wouldn't fly on his watch.

Reaves on Ducks' Radko Gudas who caught his attention for rubbing it in Joseph Woll's face in playoffs last year. Reaves was not with the Leafs then but didn't like it. «It's not like I'm going after him (tonight), but I'll have my eye on him.»

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Ryan Reaves Sends Stern Warning To Anaheim Ducks Enforcer

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