The Vegas Golden Knights Place Young Defenceman On Waivers

Published February 3, 2024 at 5:35 PM

Over the weekend, the Vegas Golden Knights made a roster move, putting 24-year-old defenseman Brayden Pachal on the waiver wire.

Pachal, with 17 games under his belt this season, contributed with one goal, tallying a total of 1 point. Despite his limited offensive output, Pachal has accumulated 12 penalty minutes, reflecting his assertive presence on the ice.

His plus-minus rating stands at -2, indicating room for improvement in maintaining defensive stability. This move hints at the Golden Knights' strategic assessment of their defensive lineup, possibly opening the door for adjustments or the emergence of other defensive talents within the team.

As Pachal hits the waiver wire, the Golden Knights and their fans await the outcome of this decision, shaping the course for their defensive unit in the games to come.
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The Vegas Golden Knights Place Young Defenceman On Waivers

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