Gary Bettman Addresses NHL Expansion Coming To Quebec In Official Statement

Published February 3, 2024 at 1:14 PM

During the NHL All-Star Game press conference, Bill Daly and Gary Bettman explored the idea of NHL expansion to new locations.

While Atlanta and Utah emerged as potential expansion sites, Canadian media is pushing for more Canadian teams. However, Bettman played down the possibility of expansion in Quebec City, emphasizing the widespread interest from various cities for an NHL franchise.

In an interview with @TVASports, Bettman clarified, "Quebec is one of the cities that have demonstrated an interest in expansion. If he did not name Quebec at the start of his conference, it was a simple oversight."

Ongoing discussions between the league and Smith Entertainment Group since 2022 have brought Utah into consideration as the newest potential location for expansion.

Amidst the Arizona Coyotes struggle to secure a home and NHLPA President Marty Walsh publicly criticizing them, branding them an incompetent franchise, the question arises: Could Utah be the next city to receive an NHL franchise?

Such a scenario would undoubtedly disappoint Canadian NHL fans, feeling overlooked once again, as Las Vegas and Seattle were the last two cities to be granted NHL franchises.
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Gary Bettman Addresses NHL Expansion Coming To Quebec In Official Statement

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