Top prospect Ivan Demidov expected to fall in draft

June 13, 2024  (9:03)

Ivan Demidov
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With the 2024 NHL Entry Draft rapidly approaching, all eyes will be on the Chicago Blackhawks' selection at number two overall.

There is no doubt that the San Jose Sharks will select Macklin Celebrini first overall, but the Blackhawks may select Russian forward Ivan Demidov, who is a prospect with exceptional talent. Demidov played for the young team of SKA St. Petersburg in the MHL, the Russian junior league, where he spent the most of the 2023–24 season. He was a dominant player, scoring 60 points in 30 games during the regular season and 28 points in 17 playoff games.
Ivan Demidov has a ton of talent, but some teams aren't convinced they would choose him inside the top five, which might cause him to fall down the draft board. Cam Robinson of Elite Prospects recently spoke with clubs around the NHL about Demidov.
"Ivan Demidov talk:

I've spoken to a nearly dozen teams about the Russian winger. To a person, everyone acknowledges he has some of the highest potential in the class.

But no single team indicated they would feel secure in taking him with a top 2, 3 or even top-5 pick.

He's a slider candidate for sure." Cam Robinson of Elite Prospects said.

Robinson continued by saying that, unlike Matevi Michkov in 2023, his birth certificate—which indicates that he is Russian—has nothing to do with his possible fall from the top ten. Demidov and Michkov differ greatly in terms of their contracts and lengths of time spent with SKA St. Petersburg.
Like many of the top prospects for the international draft each year, Demidov hasn't played a lot of professional hockey in the past few seasons. Demidov has participated in six KHL games between the 2022–2023 and 2023–2024 seasons.
"The concerns aren't entirely due to his birth certificate either.

He's basically been unchallenged for two years - no pro action, no international action. Slighter-sized winger

Dynamic, but risk attached."

It will be interesting to watch where Ivan Demidov ends up. Although Demidov has a ton of potential and talent, choosing him comes with some risk because he hasn't faced elite players in a few years. If he is playing with SKA in the KHL next season, it will be a pivotal year in his growth.
Source: Blade of Steel
Teams believe Ivan Demidov could slide at 2024 NHL Entry Draft
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Top prospect Ivan Demidov expected to fall in draft

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