Player lands clean one-punch knockout in fight

Published October 20, 2023 at 12:15

A rare few fights in hockey live up to the romanticized expectations we have for them, but one of those did occur recently as a player in the SPHL knocked out his opponent in one punch.

The Huntsville Havoc were playing a game that began getting physical, which is no surprise in the SPHL. When one of the Havoc players was tripped by the other team's netminder, the Havoc player was attacked. The pair immediately became entangled in a wrestling match, which quickly escalated and de-escalated with a one punch knockout.

This is a textbook one punch knockout, which is a beautiful thing to see, especially when the opposing player jumped in while someone was on his knees.

It's a picture-perfect knockout punch, a now rare sight to see in hockey. The cherry on top is that the player was right in delivering it as well.

That'll make anyone hesitate before trying to take liberties with their team again. The thing I love about leagues like the SPHL, is their throwback nature, this is old time hockey and there are absolutely people that still love to see it.
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