Ryan Reaves fight Michael Pezzetta
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Maple Leafs Ryan Reaves decimates Habs Michael Pezzetta in fight

Published April 7, 2024 at 8:46

Maple Leafs enforcer Ryan Reaves who was fresh after fighting Lightning heavyweight Tanner Jeannot, went back to work tonight and absolutely decimates Habs enforcer Michael Pezzetta.

The Maple Leafs had the game well in control of 3-0. At 12:35 of the second period, Pezzetta and Reaves chose to drop their gloves and to settle their beef.

Both players sized each other up for a few seconds before the punches began to fly but it was Reaves who landed several blows to possess his head and then took control of the fight and decimated Pezzetta by dropping him to the ice.
This led to Reaves taunting the Montreal bench to tell them he is willing to do more.

Reaves has had a sense of renewal with his game since the beginning of 2024 as he has found his legs and his fists while contributing offensively from time to time. The first half of his season was rather grim as he was a liability at the back end and was responsible for many goals being scored on. The Maple Leafs were even contemplating waiving him but with an injury he sustained in December, they chose to put him on injury reserve until he was better.

But the Maple Leafs nestled in their new playoff spot having clinched two nights ago, the team is now playing for home ice advantage and awaiting their first-round opponent.

Source: Blades of Steel - Maple Leafs Ryan Reaves destroys Michael Pezzetta
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Maple Leafs Ryan Reaves decimates Habs Michael Pezzetta in fight

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