Gary Bettman Speaks Out For The First Time Regarding The 2018 WJC Scandal

Published February 2, 2024 at 3:09 PM

After keeping quite on the WJC Scandal, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has broken his silence and shared his take on the recent controversy involving five players from the 2018 Team Canada WJC incident.

Addressing the situation, Bettman stated, "I've used the words abhorrent, horrific, and unacceptable for these acts, and those words continue to apply."

Despite the ongoing buzz, Bettman clarified, "We have not received official confirmation yet from London Police of indictments. At this stage, the most responsible and prudent thing to do is to wait for judicial proceedings."

Highlighting that the actions of these players don't reflect typical NHL behavior, Bettman emphasized,
"What happened is not typical of NHL players; these players were not playing in the NHL at the time of this incident. This is not representative of what takes place in our game. We want people to know our game is inclusive, welcoming, and safe."

Regarding the status of the five players involved, Bettman noted,
"They are not with their teams and are free agents—either don't have contracts or will expire after the season. If I were them, I would focus on defending themselves if charges come down."

As we await the judicial due process, stay tuned for updates on this unfolding situation.

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Gary Bettman Speaks Out For The First Time Regarding The 2018 WJC Scandal

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