Important update on the Mike Babcock controversy in Columbus; it's looking very bleak for Babs at the moment

Mike Armenti
September 15, 2023  (5:52 PM)

Obviously, with training camps not having opened up yet, the Mike Babcock situation in Columbus has dominated the hockey airwaves over the past few days. For those who missed it, a report came out this week from Paul "Biz Nasty" Bissonnette accusing Babcock of going through players' phones and looking at their pictures on the big screen in his office. Some players viewed the photo sharing as innocent and publicly stepped up to defend Babcock. Now, we have a few more updates on the whole situation and I have to say; it's looking pretty bleak for Babs right about now.

While most player reports that went public saw Babcock's antics as innocent, some were less comfortable than others sharing their photo galleries. The Athletic's Michael Russo touched on the situation earlier today and provided the following update:
"Trust me when I tell you that there were players in Columbus that were absolutely weirded out by the situation, and this is not going away. This is a major problem right now."

"Because of his (Babcock's) history of not exactly being the greatest coach and most caring coach for young players in the past," said Russo, explaining that he was trying to be careful with his words as kids were listening, "Babcock has put himself in a position of where there are so many people in this league that don't like him, in terms of players, that I think people are excitedly trying to out him on every weird thing that he does." - Worst Seats in the House Podcast

Meanwhile, Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos also commented on the matter, saying that the investigation has expanded and will include players and staff who had previous dealings with Babcock in Toronto and perhaps even Detroit. Obviously, we all well know what his reputation was like at the end of his time in Toronto.
In terms of the ongoing NHLPA investigation, the Players Association has issued the following statement shortly before 5pm ET, as reported by ESPN's Greg Wyshynski.
"Marty Walsh, Ron Hainsey and Don Zavelo met with the NHL earlier today at the league's NYC office regarding the matter involving Mike Babcock. During this meeting, we provided the NHL with an update on our ongoing review.

No further comment."

The season has not yet begun and Babcock might be out of a job yet again. I understand that some coaches have unique quirks and preferences for how they conduct themselves, but when your antics start making people uncomfortable in their personal lives, surely a line has to be drawn, no?
This one remains a story to keep an eye on as we await the findings of the NHLPA investigation and the decision from the league.
Important update on the Mike Babcock controversy in Columbus; it's looking very bleak for Babs at the moment

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