Latest Update Positive For Leafs Re-Signing Nylander

Published October 6, 2023 at 12:36

If your in the camp of wanting the Toronto Maple Leafs to sign William Nylander to a long-term contract, you'll be pleased with the latest update.

In a new interview, Nylander told The Athletic he's given his agent the go ahead to negotiate during the regular season, something he did not do last time around, but he doesn't want to hear a word about it until a deal is reached.

"Nylander says he's told his agent, Lewis Gross, that he can continue to negotiate with the Leafs throughout the season. He just doesn't want to hear about it until Gross and the Leafs are at the finish line. That would seem to suggest that Nylander has a clear number in mind for his next contract and won't even contemplate a deal until the Leafs get there." - Jonas Siegel, The Athletic

Nylander added he insisted it be done this way as we wants his focus to remain on what's happening in the ice. During his last negotiations with the Leafs that led to the contract that runs out at the end of this season, Nylander wouldn't allow in-season negotiations to take place at all.

"Just focusing on playing. I don't remember what I was thinking at that point." - William Nylander

Toronto has been experimenting with Nylander at center during camp, giving him the opportunity to be the main focal point on a line. This would open the door for head coach Sheldon Keefe to take advantage of some line matching against the other team.

The 27 year old is just hitting his prime and all signs point to him continue his high scoring output. He finished 2nd on the team in scoring last season with 40 goals and 87 points, playing in all 82 games.

At this stage of the negations Nylander and his camp, as well as the Leafs know the exact number he would like on his next deal. With the news that the salary cap is rising $4M making it $87.5M for the 2024-2025 season and Nylander is allowing in-season negotiations, all signs are positive with Nylander re-signing in Toronto.
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Latest Update Positive For Leafs Re-Signing Nylander

What will be the resolution with Nylander and Toronto

Re-signs during the season8443.1 %
Walks as a UFA2914.9 %
Traded at the deadline6131.3 %
Re-signs in the summer2110.8 %
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