Columbus Blue Jackets not allowed to trade Patrik Laine

Josh Tupper
June 20, 2024  (4:38 PM)

Patrik Laine
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Despite reports it now seems the Columbus Blue Jackets currently do not have the power to trade Patrik Laine, even if they'd like to.

As both the team and the forward are looking for a new beginning, Columbus Blue Jackets forward Patrik Laine will be a fascinating name to watch in the upcoming weeks.
The 26-year-old may still score 20–25 goals and be a valuable addition to any competing club, even though he may not be the same performer as he was during his first few NHL seasons. No matter where he ends up, Laine will probably play a second line role and be a powerplay player, but for the time being, he cannot be traded.
Don Waddell, the recently hired general manager, answered questions from the media on Thursday regarding a variety of subjects, including Patrik Laine's potential future employment with the company.
Patrik Laine is still enrolled in the NHL/NHLPA Players' Assistance Program, according to Waddell, and he cannot be dealt until he exits the program, which might happen at any moment. In addition, he stated that teams would prefer to speak with him before considering trading for him, but that cannot occur until after he leaves the program.
"#CBJ GM Don Waddell said Patrik Laine remains in NHL/NHLPA players' assistance program, but expects docs to clear him "soon."
"Teams that have talked about (a trade), they want to talk with him if they're going to make a move."
#NHL clubs can only talk to Laine if he's cleared." Portzline said.

The Blue Jackets GM went on to add that they're working with Laine's agent on a potential move. Ideally, Waddell said that they don't want to retain any salary in a Laine trade, but it's still too early to say.
"We're still working with his agent. He's still in the program. Once he gets out, we expect any day or sometime soon, teams I've talked about, they wanna talk to him. It's too early to say about money. Our hope is we wouldn't have to hold money." Waddell said.

Laine, a Tampere, Finland native, played in 18 games for the Blue Jackets this season, scoring nine points (six goals, three assists), accruing six penalty minutes, and finishing with a minus-ten rating. With two years left on his deal and a $8.7 million cap hit, he will be an unrestricted free agency in July 2026.
It remains to be seen how this plays out over the next several days and weeks, but it seems inevitable that Patrik Laine's tenure with the Columbus Blue Jackets will end once he leaves the NHL/NHLPA Players' Assistance Program.
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Despite rumours Columbus reveals Patrik Laine not legally allowed to be traded
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Columbus Blue Jackets not allowed to trade Patrik Laine

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