Maple Leafs Staff's Quick Action Saves Hockey Player's Life After Brutal Injury

Published February 14, 2024 at 4:55 PM

Whether you're a seasoned hockey player earning a living on the ice or just someone who enjoys the game for fun and fitness, you understand the inherent risks involved.

This rings true for thirty-seven-year-old Ike Werner, who laces up for the True North Hockey League's Prestige Worldwide team. Scheduled to face off against Jagrbombs at the Ford Performance Centre, home to the Toronto Maple Leafs practice sessions, Werner found himself in the midst of unexpected chaos.

During his third shift of the game, a moment he can't recall, Werner, usually a forward, found himself defending in front of his own net. In a scramble for the puck, he inadvertently knocked an opponent off balance.

As the play unfolded, Werner's opponent lost his footing, causing his skates to collide with Werner's, sending him reeling. Initially shrugging off the collision, Werner headed back to the bench, only to be approached by an official instructing him to leave the ice immediately. Shocked and bewildered, Werner made his way to the locker room, his mind racing with disbelief.

Fortunately, Werner's teammate quickly sought help from Armando Cavalheiro, an MLSE staff member. With urgency conveyed to Maple Leafs Athletic Therapist Paul Ayotte and Neill Davidson, Werner received immediate attention.

After reassurance from the Leafs' medical team, Werner was transported to the hospital for further evaluation, his mind swirling with thoughts of what could have been.

Reflecting on the incident, Werner counts his blessings, grateful to walk through the doors of his home mere hours after the game. With a hint of humor, he quips,
"I might not be a Leafs fan, but after this, I just might become one."

Source: Bladeofsteel
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Maple Leafs Staff's Quick Action Saves Hockey Player's Life After Brutal Injury

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